Dining Reviews

In the fall of 1992, Chianti opened its doors. Here is a sampling of the reviews Chianti has received over the years…….


“This is a restaurant that is well suited for people who look for -and appreciate- good food in an atmosphere that lends itself to enjoyment.”

North Shore Magizine/November 1992


I’ve found near perfection. It exists in a tiny establishment in downtown Beverly, and I hate to disclose the location because I want to keep it as my personal little place for a while longer. It’s called Chianti……This place has managed to get the magical mix just right- great food, wonderful ambience, and a warm staff. Keep it just the way it is – and for a long time, please.”
North Shore Sunday/January 1993


“Florentine flavors make Beverly spot a standout…..Chianti has the look and taste of a real find…it’s a little jewel in an unexpected spot…**1/2”

Boston Globe/February 1993


“Chianti Restaurant caters to the stars….For traveling actors who go from one town to another to perform in shows, Chianti’s friendliness, accommodating manner, and homey atmosphere is a welcome change…Chianti’s real charm lies in its special touches”

Salem Evening News /November 1995


“With so many restaurants seemingly stamped out and prefabricated, it is truly gratifying to find a place like Chianti….The Chianti experience on this particular night was exceptional….Stop in and say hello to Richard and Josie Marino; Even if you are not family, they will make you feel like you are at home”

The Homesteader/August 1996


“The intimate atmosphere, warm reception, and outstanding food make Chianti a very homey, and sometimes romantic place. Several framed letters and photographs displayed in the front windows tell of romantic dining experiences, some including marriage proposals.”

Beverly Citizen/October 1997


 “Enjoy the romance of Tuscany at this charming bistro. You’ll be lulled by the warm surroundings, charmed by the pleasant and efficient service and wowed by the delicious Italian food.”

The Boston Parents Paper January 1999


 “Romance is on the menu at Chianti….Finding a romantic bistro in the middle of a down town area is rare, but such is the case with Chianti…The service here is excellent. The small dining areas allow the wait staff to oversee every table….This fine dining establishment left us looking forward to coming back..”.

Beverly Citizen/ March 2000


“You won’t have to spend much time in this bistro to realize that your in for a great evening…..We discovered one of the great deals on the North Shore….I Savored every bite…”.

Boston Sunday Globe/July 2003


 “My first bite, and I knew that the kitchen was something special! A combination of flavors I had never experienced before exploded in my mouth…..You should definitely put Chianti Tuscan Restaurant on your list. Pleasant service, great surroundings, and wonderful food make this a restaurant that has earned its reputation as a fine dining establishment.”  

Planet North Shore/June 2006


 “City is now dining in style…many say it’s thanks to Richard Marino’s dream”

Boston Globe/April 2007


“Chianti is one of those restaurants where they just seem to do everything right – it’s first class, but unpretentious.”

Good Life Magazine/ Summer 2008


“One of the best…..The food, service, and ambiance are superb”

Boston Globe/March 2009


“From it’s handmade pasta to its perfectly textured desserts, this charming restaurant does it right.To boot, regular jazz offerings make this one of Beverly’s prime social spots. Now that’s amore.”

North Shore Magazine/August 2011


Chianti Tuscan Restaurant and Jazz Lounge was named “Massachusetts Restaurant of the Year”.  The title is awarded to the restaurant that continuously provides their patrons with exceptional service, menu selection, and pleasurable overall experience. 

Boston Herald/November 2011